Preparing for a rebrand?

We specialize in understanding the needs of those who use your brand

The amount of work associated with a rebrand can be daunting and expensive. Knowing how and when to take advantage of natural life-cycles can save millions of dollars.

An actionable plan ensures proper resourcing, timing and quality of deliverables, preventing scope creep and missed deadlines.

As you implement your next major brand project, ensure you are properly informed to proactively manage expectations and get the job done. We identify exactly what you need, how to prioritize it, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Since launching in 2015, we’ve activated over 75 brands to over 1.4 million employees

Our plans account for every aspect of activation through to the smallest detail

Launch & rollout

Launch objectives, audience segmentation, communications, engagement activities and launch day logistics—we help clients shape their vision into a well-thought-out, actionable plan.

Touchpoint prioritization & implementation

We catalog every touchpoint and map it to supporting tools, templates and guidelines providing every client – and agency – with a full understanding of what’s needed and what needs to change.

Timelines & dependencies

2 months or 2 years? We provide realistic timelines to demonstrate what’s needed, in what order, what’s possible, when, and the optimal time to launch a brand.

Resource allocation

A little help or a lot of help? We work with clients to determine where they need support and to what degree. We don’t care who does the work, we care that it gets done well. 

All-in rebrand budgeting

The biggest question: what’s this all going to cost? We work with your team to define appropriate creative fees, as well as estimate out-of-pocket conversion costs based on years of experience and industry best practices. 

Not all touchpoints need to be converted by “Day 1.” We build implementation strategies that can save clients millions.

See how our activation plans have benefitted others

Making the impossible...possible
Planning the transformation of a growing, global information technology brand
Transitioning a holding company to an operating company

We close the gap between a brand identity and operationalizing it

  • Launch and rollout planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Budget & timeline development
  • Brand management & engagement planning
  • Partner / vendor recommendations

Our approach to activation planning works for companies of all industries and sizes

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