Ingersoll Rand

From fulfillment function to brand leaders

Ingersoll Rand

The Challenge

Managing several active brands is hard enough in itself. The Ingersoll Rand client team faced additional difficulties: The group was small, isolated, and ill-structured to reach out to the many disparate parts of the organization. Because they lacked influence with those managing business lines day to day, they served more as order-takers, reacting instead of leading, and fielding more ad hoc requests than they could possibly handle. Needless to say, the process was deeply frustrating—and wildly inefficient. Each unit had developed different ways of building their brands, each was at a different point of maturity, and each was dictating to the brand experts based on factors such as personal taste and habit.


The team was caught making one-off execution decisions in an environment where basic brand strategy, organization, and tools were absent, resulting in deep inefficiencies.


TenTen stepped in to help build the basic tools of brand management, customized to Ingersoll Rand. We created a brand-building playbook and operating system (O/S) that served as a foundation for all business units and brands. Using the playbook, the centralized brand team took the initiative to engage all marketing teams in a common set of practices to build and manage their brands. Each unit was then able to develop internal skills and utilize tools appropriate for where they were on the brand journey. With a common understanding established, and teams able to handle the basics themselves, the brand team began to address more strategic challenges with ample time for thought and creativity. The playbook helped build a relationship of trust internally, turning the brand team from order takers into brand leaders.

The playbook and in-person training have been well received and effective—for the central brand team and the individual units. Adoption has been high, and utilization rates have exceeded expectations. Real savings have also been achieved through a reduction in redundancies and workflow optimization.




July 20, 2017