We’re a group of experts

We know from our combined experience that the strongest brands are the most useful brands, brands that help meet practical organizational challenges. These brands can’t just live in theoretical conversations inside the marketing department—they need to be activated.

Darren Horwitz

Darren is an award-winning brand activation specialist with global experience turning insights into actions.

Sam Eliot

Sam oversees the operations of TenTen as well as manages large-scale projects for our clients.

Beth Mallow

Beth is a senior activation expert with global experience turning insights into actions.

What makes us unique?

Whether you’re launching a new brand or managing an existing one, we push your brand to make it more efficient and effective. And we help you empower your teams and individuals throughout your company who bring it to life each and every day.

Our expertise ensures you end up with the right tools and resources for real-life work, coordinated with the higher-level strategic picture. We know how to identify and close the gap between creative intent and putting it into action by optimizing:

  • Brand assets and materials
  • Brand engagement and usage
  • Brand integration and mergers
  • Brand spend and resources
  • Brand management and governance

We believe that most brands are only realizing a fraction of their potential. We aim for the maximum, a 10 out of 10. We do this by being plan-centric, actionable and focusing on optimization.


We focus on optimization

Optimizing your brand is finding the right balance between your budget and the desired impact. We’re constantly in search of the most efficient and effective way to achieve your goals.


We are plan-centric

We always start with a well-defined plan that ensures you are properly informed to manage expectations and get the job done right. You’ll know exactly what you’ll need, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.


Everything we do must be actionable

We know how to close the gap between intent and usage. Our process ensures that what we do is practical—ready to use by the people who need to use it.

How we can help

Implementation planning

At the heart of it all. Timing, dependencies, prioritization, budgets, teams—every aspect mapped through to the smallest detail.

Design system extension

The world is full of great ideas but the best are those that can be used successfully in the real world. We help brands make their ideas real and ensure they can be extended to work in print, online and in motion.

Brand training

Our training and internal communications impart both the practical and emotional aspects of a brand. The most successful brands are founded on a strong brand curriculum and constantly continue to educate and inspire their brand users.

Brand governance

More than guidelines and consistency. Empowering people with tools and processes while effectively measuring usage and results. Tactical and strategic governance structures are critical components of any successful brand.

Implementation / production

Where theory meets reality. File build-outs, templates, press-ready mechanicals and guidelines—the appropriate needs for maximum impact.

Launch planning

A pivotal opportunity to connect, rally and empower all audiences. We create strategies that transform people as well as touchpoints.

Launch Producer

Activating your brand may require resources that you don’t have or are not able to spare. No worries, we can provide the support you need to manage your teams or agency partners.


Signage is more than a logo on the wall, it’s an interpretation of your brand in a physical space. We find savings for you and demystify the process along the way.

Brand management diagnosis

Even well oiled machines need tune-ups. Brands of any maturity can benefit from understanding how their brand is actually being used by employees and partners. A proper diagnosis leads to actionable insights.

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