Speaking Brand Implementation

Douglas Spencer hosts TenTen Founder, Darren Horwitz, on Spencer Brenneman’s podcast, Messaging on a Mission. Focused on making a difference in the world through telling stories, Spencer Brenneman sought out Darren’s advice on what it takes to implement a rebrand built on the framework of plan, build and manage.

Darren offers candid and actionable thoughts on 6 key takeaways (expended upon in Brand Implementation 101). Don’t mistake the informative nature of the podcast as boring – Darren and Douglas’s longtime friendship makes for a lively conversation!

  1. Start talking about implementation early on
  2. Prioritize what needs to be done now…and what can wait’
  3. Creatively engage your employees at launch
  4. DIY some of the work in-house…but not all of it
  5. Think of rebranding as a long-term investment
  6. Use the framework of Know, Believe, Live, and Advocate!